When I Find Her

Time separates us, and red dice reunite us.

From sixteen-year-old Luke:

Jennifer’s a girl I met in high school last year. Somehow, we got mixed up on the roster and were assigned to the same locker. Neither of us switched. It was our private joke. We got to know each other—Jennifer’s amazing. Then one day, her side of the locker was cleared out and she was gone.

The past year’s been brutal on many levels. The great news is that I’m strong and fearless again after an unexpected illness. I’m in remission, my treatments are over, I’m learning to handle my weird family, and I’ll do anything to find Jennifer.

Using magical red dice, nicknamed “Vegas apples,” I’ve got a secret chance to travel through time to change three mistakes I’ve made in my past. I know the first mistake I’ll try to correct.

I never kissed Jennifer Marks.

No one ever gets a second chance at a first kiss. How am I supposed to do this? Time travel. How will I find Jennifer?

“Luke seemed so real to me. He has a boyish charm and is relatable with his friends… I love a book that grabs my heart, twists it, yanks it almost out of my chest and then gives me my preferred happy ending.” -The Zest Quest

Nominated for multiple awards, a powerful, family angst teen romance for readers of all ages—from young adult to multigenerational—by USA TODAY bestselling author, Kate Bridges. The happily ever after ending of this teen high school crush romance will make your heart soar.

WHEN I FIND HER by Kate Bridges