Meet Weston, a Mountie who never thought he would marry, much less be forced to the altar with a gun to his back.

“Her characters leap off the pages, especially those gorgeous Mounties!” -Romance Reviews Today

Mountie Weston Williams vows to focus on his duties as a new police recruit, and steer clear of Milly Thornbottom. Milly and her troublesome family created headaches for Weston when they were quarantined together last summer during a scare of measles. Now at the Spring Fever Ball, Weston is stunned to see that the shy young woman who had a crush on him is gone. In her place is the grown-up Milly, no longer awkward but with a confidence he finds riveting.

When Weston asks Milly to dance, it leads to a heated kiss and passionate embrace, witnessed by her father. Before the night is over, Weston is marched to the altar at gunpoint to protect Milly’s honor.

Humiliated, angry at the disastrous wedding and each other, Milly and Weston plunge into a marriage neither is prepared for. Weston can’t believe that he still has to deal with her interfering family. He’s drawn to his lovely new wife in moments when he least expects it, and wonders if he can make her happy under these wretched circumstances. Milly questions if she can trust her new husband, not only when he kisses her at night, but in the new unspoken bonds she’s desperately hoping will develop into love.

“Kate Bridges is a master when it comes to writing.” –Writers Unlimited

WESTON by Kate Bridges

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