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If Amanda Ryan’s secret past were known, her fresh start in life would come to a dead stop. No one would readily accept a divorced, barren midwife. Not even, she feared, Tom Murdock. For though he’d roused her slumbering womanhood, she could never be the wife he deserved…!

Just when his battered faith in human nature was almost restored, Tom Murdock discovered that Amanda Ryan had outright lied to him, destroying their chances of happiness. Or had she? For this feisty, independent woman, who could never give him the family he’d dreamed of, had made him desire things he’d never imagined…!,, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Harlequin, All Romance eBooks

“…a well-written, emotional story that can’t help but tug at the heartstrings of any woman.” The Best Reviews

“There is a wonderful sense of place in the vivid descriptions of the beauty of the area and the reality of a small town struggling to grow… I enjoyed the unusual setting and situations presented and certainly feel Tom and Amanda deserved their happy ending. I also now want to visit Banff and see if it is still as beautiful as described.” The Romance Reader

“This is truly a story which will touch your heart and stir your soul.” Rendezvous


Copyright © Kate Bridges. All rights reserved.

Taken from the first chapter, during their first meeting:

Alberta, 1888

Amanda mounted her bicycle and what looked to be a cracked leather seat. She headed toward him, veering to his left. The solid rubber tires dug a good one-and-a-half inch groove into the soft mud. It’d be easier to ride on the pebbly street, or the side of the road where new grass was growing. But first, she’d damn well had to pass by Tom, and he wouldn’t let her get away before she talked.

“You’re going to ride that thing in the rain?” Tom hollered.

“It’s no longer raining.”

He pulled in a deep breath of cool mountain air and blocked her path. As he moved, the note in his pocket slipped out, but he shoved it back in. He braced his hands on either side of his hips to confront her.

Her blue eyes flickered. With a look of defiance, she rose off the seat, her skirt catching in the cracked leather and pedaled faster toward him. “Get out of my way or I’ll run you down!”

When he caught the flash of terror in her eyes, he realized with a thud that she was physically afraid of him. Afraid of him? With a shudder of guilt, he stepped out of her path to show her he meant no harm.

“I’d never lay a hand on a woman. You have nothing to fear from me.” He lowered the harsh tone of his voice. “I just need to get the facts straight.” Was it possible she’d bought the land from Finnigan, fair and square? “Don’t you want to get them straightened out, too?”

She gulped and slowed down. He placed a firm hand on her bicycle handles to help balance her stop. The wire basket hooked to the front shifted with a sack of packages.

Dismounting, she planted a firm foot on both sides of her bicycle. Taller than most women, she reached to his jaw. She was thin with a pale complexion, square cheekbones, wiry black hair and long feet, but something about her…

She dressed in baggy clothing, as if to hide her figure. Under normal circumstances, he found that more alluring in a woman than tight blouses and low-cut necklines. It always made him imagine the curves she might be hiding. But these weren’t normal circumstances….


Taken from a passage later in the book:

“Why did you leave me standing at your door that night?” His voice was husky at her ear, his breath warm at her neck. “You know the night I mean.”

Her chest tightened beneath his scrutiny. She moved over to the medicine bag lying beside her on the grass, hastening to tidy her bottles. “Now I know you’re feeling better,” she said, trying to sound casual. “But next time I’ll give you laudanum instead of morphine.”

He reached out and touched the back of her hair, weaving his fingers between the black strands and her spine, sending waves of pleasure tumbling across her skin. “Why did you flee? Don’t you want to answer the question?”

“No,” she whispered, completely still beneath his touch.

“Then how about this one–if you were going to run away, why did you tempt me? Why, Amanda, did you bother to kiss me back?”….


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