The Incredible Charlotte Sycamore

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“High action, tangled romance, and a spirited heroine. My perfect recipe for a great read.” Kelley Armstrong, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

I have a secret identity and everyone at the Palace is after me.

I’m Charlotte, sixteen years old, budding inventor of remarkable scientific contraptions, self-taught in medicine, and a thief. Not even my father is on my side. We live in the luxury of the Queen’s Palace, and he’s committed to his work as Her Majesty’s royal surgeon. The trouble is, after midnight, I sneak out of the Palace with my best friends, taking medicines and supplies that belong to the Queen, to help the poor. If I’m caught, they’ll send me to the gallows.

I can’t allow them to capture me or my loyal friends. It doesn’t help that I’m fascinated by—and torn between—Peter and Benjamin, who both swear to protect me.

To make matters worse, a criminal scientist has unleashed menacing mechanical dogs, infected with rabies, to terrorize the gaslamp filled streets of London. My friends and I are bitten and face a grueling death. We must race to find an antidote, defend Victorian England from the horrific beasts, and save the Queen from the twisted inventor.

How can my friends and I escape the dangers round every turn? We have no one to rely upon except ourselves.

Escape into Charlotte’s extraordinary world of young adult scifi fantasy. With budding romance, and teen action adventure in this YA science fiction mystery from USA TODAY bestselling author, Kate Bridges.

“Deceptions, a brainy and courageous girl, violence, inventions and mystery…Charlotte’s tale is indeed incredible–in a good way.” Kirkus Reviews

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