The Incredible Charlotte Sycamore And The Secret Traps

“Charlotte’s…London is a wonderfully vivid place, and her adventures there make riveting reading.” Booklist

Join Charlotte in another mystery fantasy adventure…

A reward has been offered for my head. They’ve nicknamed me the Robin Hood Surgeon.

Surrounded by fascinating scientific inventions and mechanical creatures, some of which I crafted, I’m desperately trying to hide my secret identity. My father, royal surgeon to the Queen, is unaware that his seemingly timid daughter, Charlotte, is the treasonous thief that he and his detectives seek to capture.

Not only have I been stealing medical supplies from the rich to treat the poor, but now I’m accused of an additional crime—the mysterious theft of two royal horses. I didn’t take the animals, I swear.

My friends and I must prove it.

I’m forced to choose between my dutiful respect for my father and the pull of my closest friends—including my handsome and devoted ally, Peter. How am I to remain by his side when my father has arranged my possible marriage to a stranger who’s out at sea? While my friends and I sword fight through the dangerous gaslit streets of Victorian London, transport ourselves halfway round the world by means of a risky invention, and fight alongside a giant mechanical serpent to find the beautiful missing horses, we struggle for our lives.

Will anyone listen to my suspicions about the strange man I’m to marry? Will the royal court send me to the gallows?

Or has everyone underestimated me and my loyal friends and our brilliant abilities to solve the mysteries of the Palace?

Enjoy Charlotte’s harrowing quest—filled with riveting action, a perilous romantic dilemma, and unforgettable friends—in this science fiction, young adult fantasy, from USA TODAY bestselling author, Kate Bridges.

“The plot is engaging…a forbidden romance…twists and turns…” The Caffeinated Book Reviewer

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