London Eye

Overseas in London

When the time came to finalize the research details for The Incredible Charlotte Sycamore, I set off for the airport with my husband - we were on our way to England! Big Ben No wonder Mr. Bean can fit inside! Inside the Salisbury Cathedral Salisbury Cathedral Salisbury Cathedral bookstore Salisbury Cathedral Parliament buildings The Prime Minister's home Surrounded by Whitehall … Continue reading Overseas in London

Buckingham Palace

Top 8 Things I Discovered in London

A research trip to London! One of the most exciting things I did while writing my YA fantasy novel, THE INCREDIBLE CHARLOTTE SYCAMORE AND THE SECRET TRAPS, was take a behind-the-scenes tour of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Top 8 things I discovered: 1. There are secret hallways in Buckingham Palace that are used only … Continue reading Top 8 Things I Discovered in London

Buckingham Palace Packaging

Special Delivery from Buckingham Palace

When I first began writing the The Incredible Charlotte Sycamore set in London, I had fun in the research process. I went to the Buckingham Palace website shop (did you know they had an online shop or were you just as surprised as me?) and ordered a bunch of books, DVDs, and articles from the Palace so that … Continue reading Special Delivery from Buckingham Palace