Meet Quinn, an outlaw who goes to a masquerade ball, in critical need of medical help.

“Packed solid with action and adventure. Kate Bridges takes her readers on a wild, sexy romp.” –The Best Reviews

Daring bad boy Quinn Rowlan desperately needs a nurse for his wounded brother. Since Quinn’s face is mistakenly plastered on Wanted posters all over Alaska, he can’t risk asking nicely.

Autumn MacNeil is a singer disguised as a nurse at the masquerade ball. When Quinn and his men take her at midnight, she swears she doesn’t know a thing about knife wounds.

Quinn doesn’t believe she’s not a nurse—at first—then has to find a way to release her to safety. The only problem is, he’s falling for the brave and intelligent woman. She discovers that he’s not who he appears to be either, and that they’re both in danger. The tables turn again when Quinn is forced to do her bidding. Which is return her to her home. Isn’t it? Or would Autumn rather spend more time with the tall, dark stranger who’s letting down his guard and stealing his way into her heart?

“…Autumn and Quinn have sizzling chemistry.” –The Good, The Bad, and The Unread

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