Mail-Order Sarah

A troop of Mounties secretly send their commander, Dr. John Calloway, a mail-order bride as a prank.

Best Western Romance of the Year, Reviewers’ Choice Award Winner -RT Book Reviews

“A perfect 10…readers will find themselves laughing aloud at the antics of the well-meaning Mounties of Fort Calgary and falling hopelessly in love with Sarah and John.” -Romance Reviews Today

Irresistible Mountie surgeon, John Calloway, is shocked by the pretty woman who appears in his private quarters at Fort Calgary. She claims to be his mail-order bride. But he had nothing to do with sending for a wife, he insists, and would never request one by mail. That method is reserved for desperate men—and women.

Sarah O’Neill is taken aback by the arrogant good-looking surgeon, regardless of his apologies. She naively dreamed of a better life than the one she just escaped, and has another secret reason for coming to the West.

Despite the sizzling chemistry between them, Sarah and John are definitely wrong for each other. Then why does John feel compelled to defend this fascinating and beautiful woman, and shield her from dangerous situations involving the delivery of guns? And why does Sarah keep finding herself in the handsome doctor’s heated embrace?

“She recreates a time and place to perfection.” -RT Book Reviews

“Touches of humor and intrigue compliment the passion and drama, capturing the reader’s attention and imagination right from the start…a definite keeper.” The Romance Reader’s Connection

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