Meet Luke and Evie, who get accidentally married.

“I was amused and hooked from the very first line.” -Writers Unlimited

Mountie Luke Hunter is shocked when he stands in as a groom for a proxy wedding, and is accidentally married to Evie Summerville. It was only supposed to be a formality for the paperwork while her real fiancé satisfies his gold-fever out of town. But when the ailing judge writes the wrong names on the marriage certificate, Luke and Evie are legally bound. To top it off, the judge was suffering from measles, and now the entire wedding party is quarantined.

Luke is stuck with Evie. She’s fuming at the situation, too. They desperately try to undo the damage, but can’t agree on how. Luke doesn’t even know this woman, but Evie’s turning out to be fiercely independent, and their heated arguments confirm his opinion that he should remain a bachelor. But the moonlit nights they spend together awaken his secret desires and drive him to distraction.

Evie can’t believe she’s trapped in close quarters with the wrong groom. Luke may be powerful and handsome, but he’s not the man she wants. The trouble is, the more she gets to know him, the more she’s surprised by his determination to defend her and the town from unseen dangers. Evie and Luke both want to quickly end this farce of a marriage. Then why, when she’s in his protective arms, do his kisses make her heart ache for more?

“Ms. Bridges shows off her writing talent once again with her ability to write likable characters and an engaging storyline that keeps the reader entranced the whole way through.” –Romance Junkies

LUKE by Kate Bridges

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