Loving Diana

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In a bachelor auction, hardworking Diana wins herself a rugged Mountie for twenty-four hours.

“Passion sizzles on the pages. The dialogue is sharp and witty…I guarantee you won’t put this novel down until you have read the very last page.”  -Romance Reviews Today

Diana Campbell prefers to avoid powerful and handsome men. Especially ones who are dangerous to her family—and her bruised heart. Orphaned at an early age and left to care for her younger siblings, Diana now works hard to make ends meet and keep her adolescent brothers out of trouble with the law. She’s extra guarded around the watchful Mountie, Mitch Reid. Winning his tempting services for twenty-four hours is a heartache that could only end in disaster. His daring questions, new technique of collecting “fingerprints,” and wild reputation with women make Diana’s life miserable.

Mitch is a newly sworn officer, determined to put his wilder days behind him. He’s focused on his duties. But as her family falls into jeopardy, Mitch is awakened by Diana’s inner strength. It takes everything he can muster to fight the secret desire that she ignites deep inside his soul. When their heated resistance crumbles and Mitch holds beautiful Diana in his arms, how can he deny the all-consuming passion that threatens to engulf them?

“This wonderful, touching story of a bad boy and the caring woman who steals his heart will win you over. You’ll cheer as Mitch uses his 19th century CSI knowledge to help Diana’s brothers.” -RT Book Reviews

“Kate Bridges has written a book that delves into the emotions of two scarred souls…” -Romance Junkies

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