MEET JAMES, a tough Mountie who’s protecting a little baby during the Christmas season, and Maggie, a onetime love who’s determined to help.

“Kate Bridges’ Mounties are some of the best heroes around. Strong, capable, and very sexy…” -CataRomance

On a dangerously snowy December evening, Mountie James Fielder risks his life to bring a lost baby to Maggie Greerson’s doorstep. For James, seeing Maggie again is a heartache and raw reminder of their past. She’s now a captivating woman as the owner of a spice shop and an independent young widow, and likely doesn’t reminisce much about him.

Maggie is busy preparing for the Christmas rush with a store full of shoppers and can’t believe the hardened man that the town considers a “loner” is cradling a little babe in his powerful arms. Reunited while they race through the Yukon to find the rightful parents, Maggie tries to keep her distance from James. She wonders about second chances, but is painfully aware that he walked away from her once and can’t be trusted to stay this time. Although his fiery kisses and intimate embrace may be too powerful to resist….

James fears that he’ll be unable to keep Maggie happy as he fights her beautiful temptation.

“…wonderfully talented author.” -The Romance Reader’s Connection

“Kate Bridges…has quite an imagination when it comes to romantic trysts and turns.” –National Post

JAMES by Kate Bridges

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