Meet HARRISON, the most eligible bachelor in town and owner of a tavern who advertises for a bartender, not expecting a runaway bride to respond.

“There is nothing better than traveling to Alaska in the pages of a Kate Bridges book.”  –CataRomance

Harrison Rowlan is opening a tavern in the promising town of Eagle’s Cliff, Alaska, recovering from his knife wounds and two years on the run, and doesn’t want more trouble. When a woman fleeing from danger arrives in a torn wedding gown to apply as his new bartender, his initial reaction is “no”.

Sure, he’ll help Willa Somerset take her problems to the local deputy marshal, but Harrison can’t go beyond that for this beautiful stranger. When Willa convinces him of her talents in pouring drinks and running a bar, he vows to stay away from asking too many intimate questions. Harrison can’t open his heart again for another aching loss, no matter how much Willa stirs his deepest desire…

Willa has threatening secrets of her own and tries to handle her personal jeopardy without involving her new boss. If only she didn’t feel the powerful temptation when Harrison pulls her into his seductive arms and kisses her well past midnight…

“There’s nothing hotter in these cold locales than her stories laced with humor, passion and danger.” –RT Book Reviews

“When Kate Bridges’ pen hits the page she creates magic.”  -The Best Reviews

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