Guarding Jessica

In this enemies to lovers romance, Jessica and a daunting Mountie are forced to travel together on a perilous secret mission.

“Brace yourself for another sexy Canadian Mountie.” –The Best Reviews

Jessica Haven desperately needs Mountie Travis Reid to escort her across the Rocky Mountains in secret search for the baby she’s lost. No one else believes her story, and the cold-hearted Mountie who doesn’t think much of her is her last hope. 

Travis knows Jessica as the mayor’s spoiled daughter. Travis is already on a deeply personal journey to deliver extraordinary horses to the other side of the Rockies. He doesn’t want to spend his days—and heated nights—on the trail with a woman he dislikes. Yet when Jessica discloses her tender story, it rings an emotional truth inside of him in a place he thought was long buried. She displays courage, grit and sensuality. While their risky path narrows and intimacy deepens, can Travis and Jessica lower their defenses to trust each other?

“Top award—5 ribbons.  Kate Bridges has written a beautiful story, not just about a physical journey, but a journey of healing, trust, forgiveness and love that touched me deeply. The hero and heroine are not who you’d expect as a couple and it’s hard to believe that they will ever find their way. One of those rare books that stayed in my mind long after the last page was turned, mulling over those scenes that made me sob and made me sigh.”  -Romance Junkies

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