Frontier Midwife Amanda

FRONTIER MIDWIFE AMANDA is the prequel to the Mountie Brides series. Find out how it all started….

Midwife Amanda Ryan moves to a beautiful Rocky Mountain town after a heartbreaking family loss, optimistic and hopeful for a new start. She doesn’t expect a run-in with the tall and handsome owner of the town’s lumber mill, former Mountie, Chase Murdock.

Who is he to claim that her new cabin is actually his cabin, declaring she’s been swindled by the same crook who just fleeced his lumber mill? She insists she has papers to verify she bought the home, fair and square.

Setting out to prove each other wrong, Chase and Amanda can’t risk getting emotionally entangled. One of them is bound to lose the property. He’s had it with dishonest people, in his work and private life. Yet, unexpected kisses turn into passion. Their intimacy builds into something much deeper, but Amanda’s not ready to move forward after all the heartache she’s suffered in the past.

Bravely and silently dealing with the loss of her own baby and resulting infertility, then her shocking divorce, Amanda nurtures the other women in town. She can’t have children and wonders if she could ever be the wife that Chase deserves.

Will her new life be torn apart if she opens her heart to Chase?

Or is he a stronger man, a kinder man, than Amanda might imagine?

Enjoy this tender and wonderfully romantic story by USA TODAY bestselling and award-winning author, Kate Bridges. It’s a prequel to the spellbinding Mountie Brides series. Can also be read as a standalone book.

“This is a lovely story and delightfully romantic. Ms. Bridges is in a class all her own.” Old Book Barn Gazette

Coming SOON!

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