Meet Klondike Lily, handcuffed and on the run with the frustrating man from her past, Dylan, now a Mountie and her pretend husband.

“Kate Bridges’ Mounties are some of the best heroes around. Strong, capable, and very sexy…” –CataRomance

Rugged Mountie Dylan Wayburn goes undercover as a drifter in a stagecoach and is seated across from a gorgeous redhead from his past, Lily Cromwell. She doesn’t recognize him at first, but she was once his family servant. My, how her fortunes have turned—she’s struck gold and is now Klondike Lily, the richest woman in town. She’s too fancy for the likes of him now, and could blow his cover sky-high.

All the gold in the world can’t help Lily find her missing sister. She dreams of a reunion while trying to ignore the obnoxious drifter whose knees keep accidentally brushing hers in the stagecoach. When they’re ambushed by a notorious gang after Lily’s fortune, Dylan defends her. They escape while shackled to each other in chains. To find the criminals undercover, they pretend to be married.

A pretend lover is not what Dylan had in mind, especially to the uncompromising Lily who won’t let him forget his past mistakes, and stirs the heated passion in his soul.

“Kate Bridges does for the Mounties what Jodi Thomas does for the Texas Rangers—she makes them come to life as full-blown heroes who risk their lives, and their hearts, every day.” -Romance Reviews Today

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