Women of Alaska: Daring and Resilient

Kate at Alaskan BorderThe history of women in Alaska is fascinating. When gold was discovered in the Klondike in 1896, a hundred thousand people from all over the world flocked to Skagway, Alaska, headed for the Klondike. Only thirty thousand made it over the mountains. A small fraction of them were women, and their stories are often overlooked in history.

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Would You Have Made a Good Suffragette?

Have you ever heard of Millicent Fawcett or Emmeline Pankhurst? The classic film of Mary Poppins might trigger your memory. Mrs. Winifred Banks introduces her ‘Sister Suffragette’ song near the beginning of the film. Suffragettes were brave women who fought for women’s right to vote. You may see Mrs. Banks’ ‘VOTES for WOMEN’ sash, symbolizing the three major colors of the suffragettes: white for purity, green for hope, and purple for dignity.

  1. Suffragettes in the U.K. chained themselves to parliament buildings, suffered through hunger strikes in prison, vandalized countless public places, stood up to their husbands who demanded they stay home, and faced public ridicule all over the country.
  2. They never backed down from arguing that: Continue reading