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April Fool’s Day: Toilets Through Time

Dry Sink

It’s April Fool’s Day, so please excuse me for the indelicate topic. But we historical writers can find a “treasure chest” of information in the most unusual places.

Quick…try to name as many different ways of saying toilet as you can.

The privy. The necessary. Outhouse. The john. The crapper. The honey shack. The loo. The W.C. (water closet). Washroom. Restroom. Powder Room. The throne. The big white bowl. The Ladies’ Room. The Men’s Room. The Family Room. Bathroom. Lavatory. That still leaves out the coarser words…

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It’s a Moose!


mooseThe first time I’ve seen a moose in the wild! We went canoeing recently in Algonquin Park and paddled around a bend in a secluded creek. There she was! She had a little calf with her, too, that’s hiding along the shoreline. The thing that surprised me most about the moose was how loud she was. The sound of her chewing and slurping reeds in the water echoed around us. Continue reading