Bumping Into You Again

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If I knew it was his house, I never would’ve rung the doorbell.


I can’t believe Hudson’s back in our small town of Paradise Curve, Colorado, busy day and night in his new renovation business. Still as dreamy—and unaware of me—as ever. He’s got a new rescue puppy that needs extra care, and has unknowingly hired me to be his dog walker. I’m a sucker for wounded animals, like I’m a sucker for wounded men.

What happened between us—or should I say didn’t happen—is buried along with my adolescent blushes. We’re going waaay back, when I was still an ugly duckling, and Hudson was dating my best friend. Hudson could’ve taken the time to get to know me, right? Now we’re all grown up, and boy has he become a man.

I’d like to keep it professional. But how can I escape Hudson’s riveting brown eyes, probing personal questions, and unwavering desire to “catch up”? He’s got enough to deal with while he juggles and struggles with his cute recovering puppy, feuding neighbors, and grumpy lumber mill owner.

Does Hudson still have the upper hand in our relationship, or do I?

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If you’ve read BUMPING INTO YOU AGAIN and like to catch up with Chloe and Hudson, and see more of Mrs. Harrison’s grandsons, starting with handsome architect Quinn, they’ll be appearing throughout Kate Bridges’ Oops You’re The One series.

Stayed tuned for Book 1, MR. PERFECT IN TRAINING.