All of Kate’s books are stand-alone novels. You don’t have to read one in order to read the others, but you might run into a character or two that you know!

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Alaska Cowboys and Mounties Complete Series

The award-winning Alaska Cowboys and Mounties series feature daring men and women during the Klondike Gold Rush. These heartwarming and steamy western historical romances will make you smile, swoon and cheer!

Colt by Kate Bridges

Book 1

Luke by Kate Bridges

Book 2

Dylan by Kate Bridges

Book 3

Weston by Kate Bridges

Book 4

Quinn by Kate Bridges

Book 5

Brant by Kate Bridges

Book 6

Harrison by Kate Bridges

Book 7

James by Kate Bridges

Book 8

Book 9

Wyatt by Kate Bridges

Book 10

Mountie Brides Series

All of the western romance books in the award-winning Mountie Brides series feature resilient men and women in the Wild West of Alberta.

Young Adult Books

WHEN I FIND HER is a powerful, heroic story of young adult romance and time travel for readers of all ages. A gripping, emotional tale of forgiveness, undying love and fragile family bonds.

When I Find Her
YA Fiction

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