Traveling Across Alberta

I was in the Rocky Mountains in Banff, Alberta! It’s gorgeous there. It was part holiday, part book research, part photography.


We also went to the Badlands in Alberta to see the stunning rock formations…and the dinosaur museum.

Badlands in Alberta
Dinosaur Museum

This is a photo of the dinosaur lab at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta, the place where scientists assemble the bones before placing them in the museum. It’s cool that they allowed a viewing window as we strolled the rest of the museum. The June we were there, they had just discovered a new species of dinosaur! They named it Hellboy (Regaliceratops peterhewsi) – it’s part of the Triceratops family, with some differences in the horns and the frilly-looking collar and crown.

Royal Tyrrell Museum

Saw a lot of blue skies and wonderful spaces on the prairies.


The open space is the flat land where the original Fort Calgary was built. Home of my Mountie stories! Background is Calgary.


Here’s a view of the Bow River surging through the mountains.

Bow River

A photo from a river canyon in Alberta. The water was so beautiful and clear.

Alberta River Canyon

My series, Mountie Brides, was inspired by the beauty and history of this area.