Health Tip: Forest Bathing

Forest Path in Part Shade

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Health tip: I heard on the radio that a walk in the forest is more beneficial for the brain than a walk elsewhere, such as a walk in the city. So I did a little research. In Japan, a walk in the forest is called shinrin-yoku – it means “forest bathing.”

A study in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that volunteers suffering from depression who took a 50-minute walk in the woods improved their brain function and were better able to remember and repeat a random string of numbers and in reverse order, compared to those who took a walk through city streets. An earlier study found similar results in people who weren’t depressed.

There was also a medical study out a few years ago that demonstrated that recovery time in hospital patients who had a view of the outdoors from their hospital room went home one day faster than patients who had no window.

Wow eh?


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