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January 2014!
Many men respond to Cassandra Hamilton's advertisement as a mail-away bride. The one burning in her mind is Jack McColton, a man she knew and rejected years ago, now living in Napa Valley, California.
April 2014!

Seeking justice for his murdered colleagues, Detective Simon Garr has gone undercover as infamous jewel thief Jarrod Ledbetter. All is going to plan, until he finds out that Jarrod's mail-order bride is on her way to Wyoming! Simon can't afford to jeopardize his cover, and is left with only one option - he must marry the woman!


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Young Adult mystery
writing as Kate Maddison
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When 16-year-old Charlotte secretly trains herself to become a surgeon like her father, her teenage friends in Buckingham Palace help to hide her secret as they battle mechanical creatures and assassins to the Queen. Filled with adventure, humor, and first love.
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